Our mission is to change the future of specialty dog brands through authenticity and innovation in gear, that brings extra comfort & pawsitive vibes to the wild life with your pup.

The Beginning

My journey began after I adopted my pup Khaleesi, who was literally scared of everything. I had to make sure she felt completely safe to do even the simplest of tasks such as eating and going on walks. On top of giving her extra love, I tested and rebuilt various products in order to maximize her comfort. Redesigning shape & fit with the use of premium materials was only the beginning.

The Connection

What started as handmade pieces for Khaleesi, grew into a premium and creative brand that modern, stylish dog parents can really connect with. We want to erase the "it's okay, it's just for dogs" attitude we not only see in overall product quality, but in so many cookie cutter patterns, corny prints, and knock off designs. You are unique and so is your dog - your favorite dog brand should be as well.

The Foundation

Turns out, Khaleesi is the one who rescued me as she continues to bring an incredible amount of joy into my life. I know many dog parents feel the same way and this mutual sentiment is the foundation for the JIBY brand. We treat your dog as an extension of you, so I hope our products can support that special bond you have with your pup. The world is your playground, let's have some fun! -Simon, Founder

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